Dissemination of results

In preparation

  • Characterising the patterns of and factors associated with increased alcohol consumption since Covid-19 in the UK. (https://osf.io/vmc5u/)

  • Prevalence of beliefs about factors contributing to severe Covid-19 symptoms and their association with socio-demographic and health-related characteristics: findings from HEBECO study in the UK.

  • Food consumption behaviour among UK adults during the Covid-19 pandemic: findings from the HEBECO study

  • Predictors and changes in aerobic physical activity and strength training before and after the onset of Covid-19 pandemic – findings from the HEBECO study. (https://osf.io/ejghs/)

  • The impact of Covid-19 on e-cigarette use in the UK: findings from the HEBECO study

We invite collaborators who are interested to analyse HEBECO data.

If you are interested please contact us (utarg.covid@ucl.ac.uk)

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