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A study conducted by researchers from the UCL Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group, UCL Department of Behavioural Science and Health and UCL Centre for Behaviour Change. Contact: utarg.covid@ucl.ac.uk

Study leads: Dr Lion Shahab (lion.shahab@ucl.ac.uk) and Dr Aleksandra Herbec (a.herbec@ucl.ac.uk)

Collaborators: Prof. Jamie Brown, Dr Olga Perski, Dr Phillippa Lally    Project Coordinator: Dimitra Kale

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We want to understand physical activity and diet, as well as the use and changes to the use of tobacco

(e.g. cigarettes), nicotine (e.g. e-cigarettes) and alcohol consumption during the coronavirus  pandemic (Covid-19). We also want to understand how we could create or provide support that may help people to make changes to their behaviours and therefore their health.

The HEBECO study is conducted by researchers from the UCL Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group and the Research Department of Behavioural Science and Health 



UCL Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group

The UCL Tobacco and Research Group (UTARG) aims to advance and integrate population and individual  approaches to quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption by providing insights into population-wide influences on smoking and alcohol consumption and advancing the scientific foundation, and further the development of interventions aimed at promoting smoking cessation and helping people reduce their alcohol consumption.

Behavioural Science and Health

The Research Department of Behavioural Science and Health is dedicated to research on how human behaviour impacts health and health outcomes. It carries out cutting-edge research and provides high quality teaching into the impact of behavioural and emotional processes on disease aetiology and health outcomes, and to implement this knowledge to reduce disease risk and improve the health of the population.

Complete an online survey now (which can take up to 20 minutes to complete) and then a shorter survey

(up to 10-15min) after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

The surveys include questions about:

·         yourself (e.g. your age, gender and  ethnicity)

·         how COVID-19 has impacted different aspects of your life (e.g. work, lifestyle, isolation)

·         your use of tobacco (e.g. smoking) and nicotine (e.g. vaping)

·         your alcohol consumption

·         your physical activity​

·         your diet

·         factors that may influence your health behaviours

·         your experience and views on any programmes that can help with changing your lifestyle


For more information, please find Participant Information sheet here and Study Description here 

Dissemination of results

As we collect Data, we will make brief report available here.



Thanks for submitting!